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Posted by on Feb 10, 2011 in Featured, Illustration, Product, Relationships, WhiteSockGirl | 3 comments

All I Want for Valentine’s Day: Sweet Satisfaction

Sweet SatisfactionSweet Satisfaction

Because I am bad 
And if you are bad 
We can make a good team 

And turn bad games
Into ultimate satisfaction

But only…

If you let me keep the shoes

~ The Fabulous Bitch ~

Don’t imitate!   Be fabulously original!
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Picture Credits: Victoria’s Secret, Jimmy Choo


  1. Damn that is very, very sexy lingerie!
    My BF would never think to buy me something like that. Secret thing is that I actually have one or two outfits like this one already and he’s never seen me in them because he isn’t all that exciting in bed 😉
    My NSA friend though, he gets to see me in them fairly often and is very, very appreciative!
    🙂 LOL!

    • Maybe if your BF got to see you looking like that he would suddenly get a lot more exciting? I know if my girl stepped out of the bathroom looking like that I would be VERY VERY excited, and that may definitely help me be a lot more exciting in the bedroom :p

    • Your NSA friend?!! Oy, it’s a whole different world out there…. 😉

      You go girl! But always remember Bla’s 1st Rule for Women with a Boy Friend and a NSA Friend on the Side: No glove, no love!

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