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Posted by on Jul 15, 2009 in Random | 4 comments

Air New Zealand Shows Some (Painted) Skin

This one is specially for WhiteSockGirl…. Air_New_Zealand_Pacific_Wave_logo

Air New Zealand (! who would have thought the Kiwi’s had it in them…?) recently launched a new ad campaign featuring staff and crew in body-painted uniforms to emphasise that they have “Nothing To Hide” when it comes to their fares.

In addition to the television ad, a new in-flight safety video has also been produced using the same technique. “Reports are that more passengers than normal watch the safety instructions “really carefully”.” – Wouldn’t you?!

Both the videos are available on YouTube but you can also pick them up at the links below:

WSG – Whilst we accept that these are not of the same quality as the US flag painted female torso we posted about, we’ll continue our quest to find a suitable body painted man just for you…

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  1. Yep I saw this. Fantastic. What a marketing idea. Bet it kept the passenger's attention. Did you see the fight attendent doing the RAP video from Sowth West Airlines. I did a post about it. Check it out. Flight Attendant doing the rap –

    • Indeed I did Robert. Would love to be on a flight with the attendant doing the "welcome aboard" announcements like he does. Excellent way to build customer loyalty and brand recognition.

      I fear that such an initiative at many national airlines would probably be frowned on.

  2. Specially for moi? And I only get to it now,.. sigh! I hate working, interfering with me perv time.

    Anyway, thank you so much!

    Enjoyed it, cleverly done. I paid close attention but did not see any boobs (except for the boobies on that one guy) but nada,.. will not mention that I have tried to get a peek at other body parts,.. no,.. did not do that… no

    The First Officer or whatever he is suppose to be, quite cute and lurve the accent. The peroxide blonde guy,.. uahuhu,.. me and him like boys the same.

    The brunette is gorgeous, even I can fancy her.

    All in all, ta! hahaha!

    • Pleasure is all ours WSG!

      "The brunette is gorgeous, even I can fancy her."

      My thoughts exactly!



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