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Posted by on Jun 10, 2010 in Soccer, South Africa, StefanusNel, Television | 2 comments

Advertising During the World Cup

On my blog on I mentioned that I’m currently freelancing at the ad agency who has Wimpy as a client. And this agency (MetropolitanRepublic) recently did an ad for Wimpy where they took the famous Impi song by Johnny Clegg and changed the words to WImpy – the ad was selling their famous South African breakfast.

Another blogger replied and said ‘I would be too ashamed to mention I work for the agency who did that ad’. First of all – it’s fine not to like an ad. Even the ones that win awards are not everyone’s favourite. But one must remember that ads are made for certain groups of people – target markets. An ad that’s aimed at 13 year old black girls in Soweto will probably not make sense to a white Afrikaans male in his thirties. And just because I don’t understand the ad or find it annoying doesn’t men it’s a bad ad. If the target market likes it and it shows in the sales then it’s a successful ad – finish and klaar.

Besides the fact that the Wimpy ad is doing exceptionally well – everyone loves it (except the blogger) will definitely mean Wimpy will reaffirm their leadership position in the breakfast arena. Furthermore one must remember that Wimpy is not a World Cup sponsor like its competitors – KFC and McDonald’s. So to do an impactful ad that makes more noise than the official sponsors is fantastic. After all Wimpy didn’t pay FIFA millions of rands just to be able to say ‘official blah blah blah’. This just proves that great advertising needs nothing more than a great idea.

You can view the Wimpy ad here


  1. Well, as a middle-aged, white, middle-class male, I don't know about being in the "target market" for the Wimpi/Wimpy ad. But I relate to it perfectly, and think it's a brilliant piece of marketing.

    The fact that it has made such an impact in amongst all the WC sponsors' advertising and noise is testimony to it's success and you, and the agency, deserve kudos for it.

    Abracadaver clearly is more corpse than magician 🙂

  2. I love this ad, problem is I ordered one of the SOUTH AFRICAN BREKKIES on sunday and it was KAK to say the least.

    Good ad, shit product……….let down.

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