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Posted by on Aug 19, 2009 in Random | 5 comments

AA: My Plan To Move On

Affirmative Action (AA) has taken it’s first legal blow. The legal battle of four South African Police Service (SAPS) members, who were refused promotion due to AA, has been settled by SAPS. They have agreed to the promotion and salaries are to be paid in retrospect back to November 2004.

This will surely open the door to more legal challenges from people refused promotion due to skin colour. In many instances in the public sector posts have simply not been filled due to no appropriate AA candidates being found.

This is were my idea comes into play:

Once a post has had an AA candidate it should be removed from the list and become an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY POST. In other words, if the AA candidate moves onto another post, that position cannot be filled by AA criteria. Also, if the original candidate for the AA post is fired or resigns, this would also open the post up to EQUAL OPPORTUNITY. Finally, if a candidate is given an AA position, he/she becomes exempt from receiving another AA appointment.

So, we still have the ability to fill AA posts, but this then sends the signal to such AA candidates that they only have ONE free ride and not an open ticket for life. This will hopefully encourage them to put in the effort required by the position they fill, and to perform and prove that they actually deserved the job in the first place.

This can be applied in sport as well, once you have given a player a chance at fullback, and he does not perform, you can drop Earl Rose and the position is no longer open for “Quota” but rather “Performer”. Same thing for the position of Team Coach!

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  1. Pretty damn radical suggestion there Voted. I like the thinking – give em one chance to prove their worth, and then move on – but I think SA workplaces will be hampered by AA legislation for some time to come.

    • I have been known for thinking "outside the box"

  2. Oh, and as for applying the idea to the Lions and kicking Earl off the park: now that is a damn fine idea that is well worth supporting!

  3. If this AA legislation has not been setup this way from the start, it is definitely based on racism, which should be condemned in any peace loving democratic country of todays world.

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