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Posted by on Oct 22, 2010 in Featured, Random | 3 comments

A Ripping Good Halloween Costume for the Ladies

Ms. Krueger Naughty Nightmare Halloween costumeLadies, take Freddy Krueger style and a matching attitude to your Halloween Party this year – the rest of the party-goers won’t know whether to be terrified of you or turned-on by you!

How excellent is this simple costume?! Found over at CrazyDogTshirts, the Ms. Krueger Naughty Nightmare costume is billed as “the best in scary and sexy womens’ costumes.”

For less than $50 you get a realistic looking Freddy Glove, the  Red-Brown/Green striped sweater-style dress with slash marks across the midsection, and a Brown Fedora hat. And the knowledge that you will be getting an officially licensed A Nightmare On Elm Street™ costume.

Styled on the A Nightmare On Elm Street movies’ Freddy Krueger character, the costume mimics the jersey worn by actor Robert Englund who portrayed Krueger in most franchises films. With just over a week to go before Halloween 2010 you will need to rush to get your order delivered on time.

If buying it is not an option for you though, it looks like a simple enough outfit to replicate. Except maybe for the “realistic looking” Freddy glove of course.

Any knitters out there who want to lend their expertise to a happy Halloween cause?


  1. Nice!

    And the costume is not bad either!

    • LOL @ Will. Funnily I had the exact same thought initially!

  2. She is a right ripper! Must be Australian.

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