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Posted by on Sep 3, 2010 in Motor, Voted, Wheels | 0 comments

A Legend Bought Out by a Company Under Pressure

The recall of thousands of TOYOTA vehicles has been well documented all over the net. With faults from sticky accelerator pedals to corrosion of the spare tire carrier cable.

This has hurt the companies image around the world.

Although the company had it’s biggest dip around Jan 2009 the shares have recovered since, yet are still down from there high in December 2009, and are currently on a downward trend.

So what is my beef with TOYOTA?

Not so much that I find their brand as boring as watching paint dry, but the fact that Toyota Tsusho Corporation (the business and procurement support arm of Toyota) has now taken full control of Subaru’s local operations as it acquired the remaining 50% stake Barloworld held. So that makes Toyota the 100% owner of the best damn motor car in South Africa, and that really pisses me off.

You see the SCOOBY is a legend, that sound of the horizontally apposed H4 motor, coupled to the race bread exhaust that grumbles and gurgles gives me gooseflesh. Knowing that those chops over at TOYOTA are now responsible entirely for the quality and safety scares me. I know that TOYOTA has always owned 16.5% of Fuji Heavy Industries, which controls Subaru, but that never bothered me until now.

I just cannot swallow the bitter pill of the TOYOTA control of such a purebread brand. I am heart broken.



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