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Posted by on Jul 2, 2009 in Random | 10 comments

A Foggy Night In Jozi

A little dated I know, but still…

In line with the Bloggers’ Second Law – “Thou shalt only post interesting pictures that you have taken yourself”, I offer A Foggy Night in Jozi:

IMG_3034-re IMG_3032-re

The shots are of the street lamp outside my house, taken a couple of weeks ago. Again, no post-processing done other than a little cropping and straightening. They were taken hand-held with no flash, with the lens resting on a small fence. Should have used the tripod I know, but it was late, cold and eerie.

IMG_3035-reThese were shot very late a night, but the thick fog was still around the next morning, and reportedly caused all sorts of chaos in the traffic – especially out in the East Rand. More proof that Joburgs’ weather this winter has gone crazy. I mean really – fog? In Johannesburg?  That’s just not normal.

Either that, or it’s a sign. No not a sign, a portent. A portent of more sinister goings on in the cosmos. A warning of ominous biblical-sized proportions. A harbinger of the end of days, of doom, misery and destruction. The Book of Revelation comes to pass, I tell you. The end is nigh sinners…!

Nah, on second thoughts it probably is just messed-up weather patterns due to our ongoing insistence on screwing around with Mama Gaia.



    • Ta K. Glad you be approving.

  1. Love your pictures,… but don't like that Blogger's Law,…

    My blog content got stolen so often, so I do take pictures from the net (at least I do remember to give credit – now and then!), so I will just continue breaking that law! Living dangerously!

    • Thanks WSG! (no way am I going to typing out WhiteSockGirl each time we talk!)

      Just been floating about over at your place, and can't imagine why people would want to steal pictures of your vibrator?

      Now, if they were pictures of you using your vibrator, that would be a different story entirely!


      • Hey BlaBla!

        Haha, very funny!

        WSG is cool, I have been called that,… also WSB, you can just imagine what the B stands for!

        Did I say people are stealing my pictures? I said content! Full articles!

        Hmm,… you can't imagine why people would steal my articles? Funny enough, have to agree with you on that one!

        • Oh, and Blah, can I change my avatar? That one is hellish ugly! Something pink and fab for WSG? Cause I will be visiting (stalking) here often but my shallow nature can't stand that avatar!

    • Hi WhiteSockGirl (See, i don't mind typing out long names. Bla, you Sir are a fool!)

      Glad you like the pictures. That Blogger's Law does need a rethink maybe, but my mate Kevin put the challenge out there a couple of weeks ago on his blog here: Voted! Now Moving On and I sort of can't really ignore a challenge I guess. To be honest though, I still prefer my Radiant Sunlight pics

      As for "stealing" stuff from other sites – I'm in the same mind as you. If I can avoid people nicking my stuff without a nod back to us I will, and will always attach a credit to stuff I use if I can. I get bugged by hot-linking though. Found a site in Turkey once that was hot-linking to an image on my server that I had taken the time to nick from somewhere else. Damn cheeky if you ask me! Let them steal their own stuff I say.

      Hope you visit us often. (If Bla doesn't offend you too regularly…)

      • Greg, Bla can try to offend as much as he likes! He will just ignite the bitch within! Hahaha!

        I am going to check our your radiant sunlight pics now.

        And thanks for the visit to my blog! Just keep Bla away from my site because apparently the vibrator pics are not worth 'stealing', so it is most probably not worth looking at!

  2. Hi WSG. I agree "hellish ugly" is pretty apt.

    And definitely not how I pictured the owner of the OhMiBod G-spot Vibrator [Of which the lovely WSG has a 2nd one that she is planning on giving away – get going girls!! And if you win, remember that Bla deserves a full report back!!]

    Sadly though, we can't change it here – it is a randomly generated place-holder avatar (called a "Wavatar" in this case, there are others) that is created automatically based on elements of your email address, I think. And judging on your results, you must have a pretty ugly email address? 🙂

    Greg will be around soon enough – and hopefully he'll sort out something for you…

    • Thanks for the free ad!!! Much appreciated! Will certainly return the favor.

      Eish, this blog is going to give me a not so fabulous complex,… now I have an UGLY email address..

      I use,

      Maybe I should change it to,.. wonder what Wavatar will do with that?

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