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Posted by on Aug 27, 2009 in Random | 6 comments

A Day For BlaBla To Get Stuff

Stuff. We like stuff. Especially when we get it. Get stuff that is. (We like getting the other one as well to be honest!) Today we got some nice stuff. Two nice stuffs actually.

First off FedEx delivered a District 9 t-shirt for yours truly. Yip, all the way from Sony Entertainment in Los Angeles. It was a gift to thank us for tweeting and posting about the movie. Limited edition it is too:district9 tshirt Swell isn’t it? Have to give it Greg though. It’s sized XL, and really not suited to my slim and trim frame. Looks like a night dress on me. Besides, I’m way too suave for t-shirts. By contrast, it’s actually a bit tight on G.

Second bit of stuff that landed in our in tray today was this SWANK Award from that ever excellent White Sock Girl, the fabulous bitch! Thanks WSG! I have absolutely no idea what the SWANK bit stands for, but who cares?! It’s our first inter-blog cyber award, so we are wicked pleased by it all! Even if it is a touch on the uhh, feminine side.


The BlaBla Blog
Your blog is SWANK because your posts are witty, sometimes serious and ever engaging

I am a little saddened that WSG neglected to mention me in her citation for the award. I am, after all the brains behind The BlaBla Blog, and if it weren’t for me, Greg would not be able to be “witty, serious and ever engaging” in the first place.

But I’m sure it was a simple oversight on her part. Probably so busy signing autographs and fighting off the paparazzi, that it just slipped her mind at the time. You can see the full list of award recipients, and WSG’s very funny “acceptance speech” over on her Splintered Life blog

So there we go then. Two nice bits of stuff in one day. Insert applause, congratulatory messages, and your words of praise and admiration in the comment form below.


  1. /me applauds

    Well done guys. On both the freebie and the award

  2. Dear Mr Blabla,

    Please accept my sincere apologies. I was sober when I wrote that speech. I am now almost legally drunk and have rectified it.

  3. Freebies? I like freebies! Note to the bitchself,…go and hunt for some chocolate freebies on the Mommy blogs.

    You two, yes Mr Bla included, so deserve it the award. Fyi, I also do not have any idea what SWANK means,… I have decided that it means Bitch.

  4. I also got stuff! A BLINK STEFANUS T-SHIRT, I will post it later.

    • Blink Stefanus is that subversive campaign to get his helmeted head stickers all over the place right? Saw one on a parking ticket machine recently. Now he's spreading the BS on t-shirts too? Nice one!

  5. Congratulations all round! Strange that both bla bla and voted got items of clothing, the only thing I got today was a phone call from a charity group asking me to danate clothes for the hungry and needy. I told them to F%$k right off, anyone who fits into my clothes is not starving!!

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