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Posted by on Dec 8, 2009 in Random | 2 comments

A Cure for Benjamin’s Sadness

A cure for Benjamin’s sadness

Every morning as the moon leaves the dark black sky making way for the bright yellow rays of the sun, little Benjamin sits outside on the step crying. Benjamin is very sad as his mommy is sick.

One day bright and early just as Mah the man on the moon was getting ready for bed and Brigantia the sun princess was starting to wake all the sleeping little boys and girls up, he spots little Benjamin crying on the door step.

This makes Mah very sad, he does not like seeing little children sad and crying.

You see Mah has a very important job, every night he has to watch all the sleeping little boys and girls and keep them safe, if they get lonely he keeps them company with the help of the stars.

That morning Mah did not go to sleep like he usually does, he sat talking to Brigantia, trying to find a way to help sad little Benjamin. Now Mah did not know why Benjamin was so sad.

Brigantia decided to see what she could do to help Mah and sad Benjamin, for a start she offered to share the sky with Mah, which is why some days you see both the moon and the sun in the sky, this means a sad child needs help, but for Mah this was not enough, he wanted to see Benjamin smiling not crying.

That night while watching over the children, and thinking about how he could make Benjamin smile, his black kitten with eyes the colour of the stars he chased ran up to him and tried climbing up his leg, to make Mah smile. As Mah looked down at Ziggy an idea started forming.

All night Mah planned and thought and thought and planned, while checking up on the children, every time a little face appeared at a window Ziggy would meow and Mah would send a star down so the little child would know he was not alone, Mah was watching over them.


  1. Sounds like a good modern African folklore tale you have going here Orchid. Sort of tale that grand fathers tell there childeren at bedtime. Want to see how it ends…

    Where did the names Mah and Brigantia come from?

    • Hi Jo Bra

      yes in a way it is an folklore tale, i finished it so will be posting the whole story during the week in sections.
      the names are all from different folklore across the world, Mah is from a myth etc. there are more names coming in as the story moves on.