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Posted by on Apr 10, 2011 in Blogging, Featured, Writing | 3 comments

A Bitch Fab “No Thank You!” to Lame Comments

I piss off a lot of peeps in the blogosphere. Sometimes. Most of the times. And it is that time again. Not that time of the month. But time to take a slide, downwards, on the popularity ladder. I’m trying to reach the ultimate low on that ladder.

Not really. I actually would like to be popular, boost my traffic and get plenty of those fabulous comments. Real comments. Not the spammy ones. Not the utterly lame ones.

But the overwhelming urge to speak my mind, to offer my totally unsolicited opinion on lame comments, overrides my need for popularity.

Since I am in such a bitchy mood, I decided to rank the lame once. In accordance with my bitch fab mood, of course.

#5 – The Preachy-Judgmental Comment

#4 – Any Comment That Ends With a Smiley

#3 – The False “Great Post” Comment

#2 – The Pathetic “Thank You For the Visit” Comment

#1 – The Ultimate Lame Comment – Absolute Spam

And so, did I piss you off too? Chill, baby, chill. It’s nothing personal. Really.

Just all about the lame comments! Make sure your isn’t one!


    • Hey Gerald, thanks for the visit & welcome to Blablania!

      Great comment. I’m sure you’ll bounce straight to the top of the Fab Bitches’ hit list with it. 😀

      Constant Readers – do take Geralds’ advice and visit GGWB. Don’t for a moment think that it is better than BlaBla. It’s not. But it is worth a laugh or two.

      Be warned though, there are some posts over there that are Not Suitable For Work and family viewing needs to be monitored for those at a critically impressionable age. This is also not a site recommended for those with a touch of homophobia… You have been warned.

    • Ok, gay guy with a brain, this Fab Bitch with half a brain, will check it out. I have an attitude, so I don’t do phobies. Me no scared of no guy, brain or no brain. The comments without the 🙂 and link, would be mine. That is how Bitches with no brain, half sized brains, are doing it. Feelin’ me?


  1. The BlaBla Blog - [...] I certainly do the same with what I regard as severely lame comments on my blog. I ignore them.…

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