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  1. okey cool with the pricing and i bought a sim and not yet activated so i called the call centre to sort it out and in the conversation i told her i had a blackberry and she told me the sevice is not sopported yet so crappie so i think for me i will stick to vodacom.

  2. i thnk i got interest in dis 8.ta thing….thank you guyz



  5. Avoid them. They do not honour adverts and tell you to complain on the website when they do not honor promisses. No service and very rude bunch. My problem was with a laptop they advertised with the wrong specs. Other people have had the same issues with cellphones misadvertised.

  6. I salute 8ta for their tarrifs but can,t get enough help on settings to be connected to network using phone as a moderm .

  7. Hi. I joined 8ta earlier this month after lots of effort. It was a big big big mistake. Their service is poor, the service agents are not trained and most of the time do not have a clue of what is being asked. They make use of MTN and the reception is poor most of the time with issues with poor voice quality, dropped calls and echoes. My suggestion is keep clear.

  8. i have problem with my Sim card it says select number is 08xxxxxxx08.since 19 January 2011.

    • Just when I thought it was safe to go back to the comments field…..

      Hi cliff

      As we’ve noted on a number of occasions and in our post itself, The BlaBla Blog has NO connection to 8ta or Telkom whatsoever. We cannot answer your 8ta related concerns. We recommend that you contact 8ta directly via their website here: or check for information here:

      Or call them:
      Customer Care Voice 081 180
      Customer Care Data 081 183

      We hope you get sorted!

  9. Hi, Sir Madam
    Kindly consider me for Rica Agent Position. Or Call Centre.

    I look forward to your reply.

    Best Regards
    contacts: 0xx xxxx xx8

    {blabla edit – Don’t ever put your number onto a public internet website. That’s just asking for trouble, kak & shit all at the same time!

    • Henry J, oh Henry J.

      This is not 8.ta’s web site. This is the soon-to-be World Famous Supreme Team Show BlaBla Blog! Say it slow, say it often, feel it move you! Yeah Baby!™

      Even if it were, I don’t think they employ you on the basis of a comment on a blog post. Especially because you want to be a RICA Agent or Call Centre Op, both of which need a fair bit of attention to detail. Yet you never realised for a moment that this is the soon-to-be World Famous Supreme Team Show BlaBla Blog! Say it slow, say it often, feel it move you! Yeah Baby!™

      Not really a great start to a career at 8.ta is it?

      And now that I’ve finished taking the piss with you, I recommend that you try to reach 8.ta or Telkom directly with your request.

      Try here 8ta Contact,
      or try Telkom HR here: Telkom HR
      or search for jobs at Telkom here: Career Junction

      Oh, and don’t forget to Say Hello!

  10. hi
    can you advice if you got 3g to use with your sim and how fast it is as igot no land line


  11. ~Received via email & reposted~
    I just received my package, I asked for a blue and grey phone, it is blue and grey ont the box, so I opened the box. And to my surprize it’s black and red?? and I’ve been on the line more than 5 times today trying to call you, no answer. And best of all, the 0861228488 number does not exists?? and my bank detail changed, it’s day 1 and I cannot get hold of any of you???

    • Hello Stella.
      Please be kind enough to read the first paragraph of this post. You’ll find it right above the first image, in a large bold font.
      Thank you.

      [I’m seriously beginning to wonder why I bother?]

  12. mi phone always says no service.why?

  13. I want to sign a contract of R90 pm for nice cellphone and R50 pm airtime both total of R140 pm.please send me the contract documents and hided cost if you have together with sales cellphone book.

    Wanting to hear from u


    • No. Contact 8ta. The BlaBla Blog does not do cell contracts. Take a moment a READ the post!

  14. 8ta is to greet other network which are blabla through the wave of 8ta network connection
    But i just ask myself why Mr 8ta hit every network on road in an advert when he is driving his car from his storeroom;
    even a small network which was driving a bicycle?

  15. myself and my partner Mcebisi Buthelezi, have a realy good idea that would surely help promote 8ta. All we need is a chance to present this idea to you (the relevant people), this will realy help improve the image of 8ta and improve sales.

    We hope you will consider our proposal, and repond this email by giving us information on who to contact regarding our idea.

    Your Faithfully

  16. I found the blog interesting, but the comments highly entertaining! Great blog! Think you’re giving hits to 8ta’s site more than what they need! Maybe they should pay you, or brand your site lol Keep Well. Cheers.

  17. And still they come… Received via our Contact Form:

    Subject: false sales complaint
    Sadly, I have been taken for a fool by who ever responsible. There are so many entities involved that to blame one sector would be wrong.
    I was sold a contract by a telemarketing agent who promices whatsapp to me on my C3 Nokia phone if I tood a certain package and now i’m sitting with a phone which does not offer the services.
    I have had one call back telling me that i should go to an 8ta store closest to me, only to have the MD of Nokia in Woodmead laugh in my face to let me know that this phone does not support the whatsapp application.

    Please could somebody contact me with regard to this.
    I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    thank you
    w) 011xxxxxx4

  18. please phone me on 076xxxxxx9 i have a contract with you but my sim is not activate yet and it is now 3 to 4 weeks now

    please i am not gonne pay for something if i dont have it please

    • I swear we don’t makes these comments up. They just come. Again and again. Over and over.

      Eish, heita and hau!

  19. Received via our Contact Us email form:

    Subject: false sale from 8ta and NO SUPPORT

    I am sending you this because to date, since I have received my new “C3 NOKIA” which when promoted to me on the telesales phone call was told can download the “whatsapp” application DOES NOT DO SO – having been to a Nokia dealer as suggested by one of the people who called me!
    Now I’m really not impressed with 8ta and the so called “customer service” or should I say LACK THEREOF!!!
    The telephone number supplied 021 001 7500 just rings on end, and being at work it makes it more difficult to make private calls to sort this issue out once and for all.
    Is there anyone interested in assisting me with this query.
    Further more I must let you know that should I not have any assistance, I will gladly go and cancel my debit order request.

    I trust the above is clear and that I will hear from someone above the rank of just being a parrot on the phone.

    Best regards
    N Grifo

    • Hi Nadine

      I hope you do eventually read this reply to your comment as I must draw your attention to the top of the article on this page. It contains information that you have clearly missed.

      I understand that you are a touch upset at the moment. Your previous emailed comment and the two additional comments that you posted here and here sort of make that fairly obvious.

      But I assure you that by simply taking 15 seconds of your time to read that opening paragraph much of the frustration, despair, anger and hurt that you are dealing with at the moment will disappear. (Not to mention that undeniable lack of attention to detail that you have displayed).

      Please read the paragraph very, very carefully.

      Not An 8ta Employee

  20. thank you so much for CLEARING this up with me… i do understand your note on your website. I’m really sorry you are not connected to them besides – having them all over your blog. But ofcourse you wont have a connection to them.
    I’m sure sorry I do.
    Thank you for your time and effort.
    Best regards

    • “…besides – having them all over your blog” is probably stretching things a bit Nadine. This post and one other with a vague connection doesn’t quite have them all over.

      But none-the-less, fair play to Nadine for coming back and tossing a little humble pie into the discussion.

      Just to show you that we have no hard feelings Nadine, the reason that you can’t install WhatsApp to your C3 is because the C3 has Symbian S40 as its’ operating system, whilst WA needs S60 3rd edition, 5th edition or Symbian^3 Operating System. It’s also not on the WhatsApp supported device list.

      I didn’t know either of those things, don’t use WhatsApp, have never used it. I just found the WhatsApp page via Google and read the info. ( Took less time than typing this response is. 🙂

      We wish you all the best Nadine & sincerely hope that your mobile mess gets sorted out soon.

  21. i want to know with this 8ta phones i have a blackberry curve 8520 and ive been calling the consultant with no help from any of them i need to know how to load a profile picture for bbm

  22. Just need someone to call me from 8ta.I need Nokia C3 with contract
    hope to get called soon

  23. Dear Heita officials.

    i have an idea that i want you to join on it as you will be making your promotions in township.its an event that i want to make,now im looking for the sure that can make HEITA to benefit even more.if interested please call me on 072 XXX XXX5 name Tebogo.
    ~admin edit: removed number~

  24. I have completed the GSM mobile training course so i want a job dealing with the all mobile appliances using technology.


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