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Posted by on Feb 6, 2011 in Featured, Politics, Random, South Africa, Voted | 0 comments

A Born Free Gets Registered

On Thursday we challenged our readers to get BORN FREES to register for the upcoming local government elections. Being registration weekend I was hopeful we would have a positive response….I was not prepared for what happened next….

I got an email from KALLAY NAIR, senior reporter from eNews.

Hi there

I am trying to pull together a story on the born frees being able to vote this year. We doing a preview on tomorrow’s voter registration.

We thought it would be great story on the born frees, to inspire people to get out there and register.

Can you guys put us in touch with a few who we can talk to today, please?



So I responded immediately nominating the perfect person for the job, my niece TONI. They setup the interview and next thing we knew Saturday night 8pm LIVE from the eNews studios she answered questions posted to her with ease. Our whole family and a room full of friends gathered around the tv watching the interview. We cheered her on as she handled the questions and moment like a champ! Well done Toni!

Toni did get to register today. Three other fiends of ours also managed to update their registrations as they have moved since last voting.

The reports we have had up to know is that the process was easy peasy, and most voting stations were very quite. Up to know only 400 000 new registrations have been received. The IEC had hoped for over 1.2 million. I believe they are considering a fresh new campaign and approach to entice the youth to register and ultimately exercise their vote.

I feel the political parties and powers in this country better start appealing to the youth or else they will loos interest in the process.

To all of you who participated, thank you. We will see you in the voting station!!

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