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Posted by on Jul 16, 2009 in Random | 3 comments

61st Primetime Emmy Awards Nominations

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The American Academy of Television Arts and Sciences announced the nominees for the 61st edition of the Emmy Awards earlier today. And whilst the American television market is vastly different to ours here, there are a number of familiar names and programmes on the lists.

Topping the nominations again this year (and in my opinion, deservedly so) is the brilliantly satirical Tina Fey/Alec Baldwin vehicle “30 Rock“. The programme has racked up a total of 22 nominations! Next most nominated programme has ‘only’ 17 by contrast. Here are the programmes nominated for more than 5 awards:

  • 22 Nominations: 30 Rock
  • 17 Nominations: Grey Gardens
  • 16 Nominations: Mad Men
  • 14 Nominations: Into The Storm
  • 13 Nominations: Saturday Night Live
  • 11 Nominations: Generation Kill, Little Dorrit
  • 10 Nominations:81st Annual Academy Awards, Dancing With The Stars, Taking Chance
  • 9 Nominations: The Office
  • 8 Nominations: American Idol
  • 7 Nominations: The Amazing Race, Damages
  • 6 Nominations: Flight Of The Conchords, 24, Weeds

Generation Kill Box ShotReally pleased to see the locally filmed “Generation Kill” at the top end of the lists. By ‘locally filmed’ I mean really locally Kragbron in the Free State and Upington in the Northern Cape both feature prominently. I also believe that some scenes were filmed in neighbours Mocambique and Namibia. But I guarantee that when you watch it you will not be able to tell that it’s Africa and not the Middle East.

The mini-series,which follows a company of US Marines as they enter the Iraq war, ran late on M-Net for seven weeks early on this year. I watched it avidly, and only found one or two other who did. I thought it was an exceptional story, well produced and very well told. I’ve seen the term “vividly realistic” being used to described it. Try Kalahari for the very reasonably priced 3-DVD set if you did miss it – you won’t be disappointed.

IMDB is also hosting a good summary of the more significant award nominations, if you’re curious.

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  1. I couldn't agree more re 30 Rock. Just don't call it a

    Fey/Baldwin vehicle. Just plain old Tina Fey Will Do. As gitfted as Mr. Baldwin may be he's not the one who spent years his comedic genius as a writer/performer on SNL. Will Ferrell has more right to claim "vehicle" rights to 30Rk.

    WRT Genreation Kill – It sucks that it is now common

    knowldge that is was shot in SA – as soon as I was made aware of this I spent all my time trying to see if the extras had a full set of teeth instead of watching the freaking show.

  2. I could not agree more re 30Rk. Just don't call it a Fey/Baldwin vehicle. As gifted as Mr. Baldwin may be he did not spend years ('97 – '06) perfecting his craft as a comedy writer/performer on SNL. By rights Will Ferrell has more claim to the "vehicle" than our friend Alec.

    WRT Generation Kill – great show. Unfortunately once I found out that filming had taken place in Upington, N.C I spent too much time trying to see if the extras had a full set of teeth and consequently had no idea what the f**k was going on.

  3. Rob?! I can't cope! No comments for ages, and then two on the same post at the same time. My lifeless little blog is blessed! 🙂

    Okay, I'll grant you that the sliver of recognition that I gave to Baldwin is unwarranted – it's really all Ms. Fey.

    30 Rock, well,… rocks!

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