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Posted by on Apr 16, 2010 in Current Events, Voted | 0 comments

450 000, no 350 000, no 200 000 or maybe 100 000

In the beginning there was a man, he was the chief, he had a plan. A plan to bring 450 000 foreign visitors to the South African shores. They were gonna come to watch “The beautiful game”.

Then, well things changed……In a press conference yesterday Danny Jordaan confirmed that

“We are way over 100,000 fans here, maybe 200,000 now,”

Huh? What happened? Why less than half of the original forecasted 450 000?

“Reality in the world has changed,” Jordaan said.

The global economic crisis had affected Britain and Germany, two of the biggest habitual sources of World Cup tourists, “in a major way,” he pointed out.

So the dumping of unbooked hotel rooms will continue, more than likely more tickets will be Re-Released into the local market. Flights will get cheaper and more locals will go watch games than tourists.

FIFA were right, this will be the best World Cup ever. Why you ask? Well based on the fact it will be the cheapest one in the history of World Cups to go watch, I say that makes it GREAT! Oh and the fact we will not have 1000’s of pommies ruining the experience also adds a touch of brilliance……

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