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Posted by on Jul 24, 2010 in Current Events, Featured, Voted | 2 comments

The Million Rand Tip

This is how the story has unfolded so far….

In January 2010 Cape Town businessman ROB TAYLOR gave two Cape Town car guards, Fabrice Munqanga-Mungala and Desiré Shima, a tip….this was no ordinary tip. The tip was his AUDI R8. Yes folks that one…the cool AUDI…

“The man just started talking to us and saw how we were struggling. He was shocked and asked me to go with him in the car so that he could hand the car’s papers to me,” Nahimana said

“The man bought himself a scooter and handed the keys and a receipt for the car to me,” could not believe it. I didn’t want to drive away, but he left there on his scooter. I was scared and confused for about an hour, but he said I should take the keys and drive back to the mountain. He said the car belongs to us all.

“Learn to share with one another. The life of a car guard can also change and he can drive an expensive car,” Taylor told the guards, according to Nahimana.

The police confirmed that all the paperwork was in order. The Cable Car Station car gaurds had just received a R2.03m tip. Not bad. So what did they do? They were inspired to help others.

They decided to use all the hype around the gift to raise funds for charity. They cut a slot in the bonnet (that actually covers the boot as the engine is in the back) and started taking donations.  They have already supplied thousands of rands to homeless people sleeping under highways and in bushes in Cape Town. They have also sent money to HAITI.

Now in a new twist the guys have eventually decided to get rid of the car….Why you ask. Well they plan on selling the car to start a fully fledged NGO. They should realise more than R1 000 000.00 from the sale and say that can help many more people.

“With the money we can help even more people,” Shima said.
“The car did a lot for us, for Future for All and the people we helped but now we’re going to do more,” he added.

A documentary is being filmed about the ” FUTURE FOR ALL” team.

I hope it all stays LEGIT……


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