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Posted by on Sep 3, 2009 in Soccer | 4 comments

2010 Bed Shortage

Here is a good story that will interest certain readers and authors on this blog.

According to Danny Jordaan says we are short 200,000 beds for the 2010 Fifa World Cup.

That Sir, is what you think.

You see, I have it under very good authority that those beds are available. Just not at the below market value rates your MATCH booking agents are prepared to pay. This therefore leaves them “unregistered” and open to free market supply and demand forces. (The way capitalism and an open-market economy meant them to be! – Ed.)

What Danny is doing is creating the impression those beds do not exist, thereby convincing people to turn their houses into B&B’s, register with MATCH and loose out on actual market value.

So, my advice to Mr/Dr. Jordaan is, tell the whole story and not just the one you are living.Reblog this post [with Zemanta]


  1. I’ve been meeting a number of small hospitality operators in recent months, in various places, and your point is repeated often by them too.

    Most of them have been put off the whole “Match Affiliated Accommodation” thing by the fees & commissions that they would have to pay over to Match, and by the limitations that they would have to place on the room rates that they can charge.

    For the “people’s world cup”, why is it that the standard principle of the rich get richer, whilst the poor can get shafted, still continues?

    • Yip, the rak rate of R350.00 per person per night is deffinitely not what MATCH are charging the incoming tourists. A "good" international rate is between $50-$75 anywere else in the world, so do the math and figure were the real profits are going….

  2. I had to read this twice to work it out, and still am not sure I get it. Does he mean 200000 bed-nights per day of the tournament, or 200,000 for the whole tournament?

    • Good question, maybe I should ask DANNY…….

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