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Posted by on Oct 8, 2009 in Voted | 7 comments

2 Things

1. The rating of 14 is just week, have you had a look at the crap that’s above us? LEGO, frikking LEGO people and PAINTBALLERS? I ask you, WTF. Come now lets lift this site to new found heights, we are cool, we are interesting, lets get out there and make a difference!!! RAH RAH !!!

2. Ya think BLA will organise a non denominational/religious year end get together for the bloggers?


  1. 1. Agree. Was using it to check whether sending info to local servers had as big an impact as to foreign ones. Sort of forgot it was there (which probably shows that it worked okay). It's gone.

    2. By "non denominational/religious year end get together" you mean you want to celebrate Kwanza with me? Sounds like a plan 😉

  2. Oh, and 3. Your spelling remains weak!

    • 1. Well done!

      2. Uhm yes i'm sure

      3. Used your installed spell checker to prove a point…….test it and you will see…..

  3. 1. What?

    2. Yes!

    3. Don't be mean Bla!

  4. Im in for the the year end get together!!

    • What part of "get together for the bloggers" did you miss Don?

      Maybe when you man up and tell me you want to start writing a regular column you'd fit into that description? You know where to find me… 😉

  5. so it's like that then? nice! I will gate crash dude…

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