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Posted by on Oct 17, 2008 in Random | 2 comments

123 Easy WordPress Post From Word 2007

Edit June 2009: We have updated this with a new post (with supporting screen shots) they make it even easier: Go here Setting Up Blogging With Word 2007

If this works I’ll be well impressed.

One of the biggest issues facing the average independent South African knowledge worker (I hear that’s what we call ourselves this month!) is working with limited bandwidth resources. If, like me, you spend a big chunk of your working day online, the old 3-4GB cap that sweet Telkom grants us is normally toast by this time every month.

In years gone by, I used to have as many as 3 ADSL accounts, and a back-up dialup account (for when all else failed and I just had to get an email in or out). Thankfully, the good folk over at “please-hold-your-call-is-number-812-in-the queue” have eventually (last year actually, to be fair to them) introduced an online top-up facility. I’ve subsequently dumped the extra accounts and now just top-up online whenever I need to.

Problem is that it’s starting to get close to costing me as much as it did when I was paying for 4 accounts ever month. I’m an addict, and message that tells me my bandwidth has been capped is like the proverbial red flag. I have little option but to do the top-up thing each month so that my lifeline is not entirely severed. But that brings credit card interest and bank fees with each transaction. And while not vast amounts individually, these regular top-up purchases are really starting to add up.

Which – in a very round about fashion – brings me to the topic of this post. I am typing this offline with no connection, and no intention of losing my notes if I get distracted by something. Using Word 2007’s “Blog Post” feature, I have successfully set up a connection to BlaBla and will publish this article directly to the site once I’m done. Or not. Maybe I’ll just leave it stored on the machine until I connect tomorrow morning to check the mail. I have the new found luxury of not having to worry about connection breaks, being timed out of my account because I type too damn slowly; spelling that requires an advance linguistics course to decipher. I do so much work in Word at the moment that setting out a blog post in this format, using this interface is amazingly convenient.

And I’ve just figured out that if I edit the post here in Word, the changes reflect on the site immediately after it is reposted. Will share the details of how I got it working once I know it works…


  1. Can you share how you got the post to work via Word '07?


  2. Hi Mike

    This is probably way too late for you, but in case you still need help with this, (and assuming you subscribed to the comments and actually get notification of this!) we have recently updated this info here:


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