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Posted by on Sep 29, 2010 in Featured, Life | 0 comments

1 in 100 000: DJ Fresh, The Sunflower Fund and Leukaemia

Join the 1 in 100 000 Challenge - Meet DJ  Fresh now!Remember National Bandana Day 12 October 2010For a number of the many years that I was employed by The International Hotel School our chosen charitable organisation was The Sunflower Fund.

We raised funds for them, sponsored prizes to them (through the Schools’ parent company), and general put a fair amount of effort into encouraging people to be tested and into publicising the Funds’ purpose and aims amongst the faculty, student body and anyone else who would care to listen. It was an extremely worthy endeavour, and the intrinsic rewards for getting involved with them were immeasurable.

This year sees The Sunflower Fund celebrate its’ 10th anniversary and it is still as worthy and important a cause as it was back in 2000. And they still need our (and your!) support. I’m very pleased to see that they have made significant inroads into publicising the annual National Bandana Day which falls on Tuesday 12 October this year.

With the help of popular 5FM radio jock and personality DJ Fresh and the good people at The Jupiter Drawing Room, they have also launched a proactive campaign to help raise awareness of leukaemia and of the work being done by The Sunflower Fund.

This online campaign is being driven through the interactive 1 in 100 000 website:

A person suffering from Leukaemia has a 1 in 100 000 chance of finding a bone marrow stem cell donor match. That’s 1 match for every 100 000 people. Most of us won’t meet a 100 000 people in our lifetime! In fact, if you lived to be 90 years old, you’d have to meet 1 person every 8 hours, from the day that you were born, until the day you die to even get close.

To illustrate these odds, The Sunflower Fund has challenged DJ Fresh to try and ‘meet’ 100 000 people online in the 1 000 hours leading up to The Sunflower Fund National Bandana Day on the 12th of October 2010.

All you need to do is visit the website and register your ‘meeting’ with Fresh. I’m number 3913. You can also send in SMS donations as well as sponsor some of DJ Fresh’s meetings on the Sponsor DJ Fresh page.

It’s all for a very good cause. Go do it. And don’t forget to get your bandana bought from your local Pick n Pay or BP Express store.

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